Baby sitter for one year old boy

We are looking for a responsible, morally exemplary Nanny to look after our little boy Auguste. The Nanny will create a safe, healthy, fun environment for our 2 year old. To ensure success you need to look after our little boy, plants and the home environment as if they were your own. Preferred applicants are competent, organized and kind. Nanny Responsibilities: Performing household chores such as sweeping, doing dishes and laundry. Ensuring clean and tidy home environment all times. Watering plants Feeding and changing diapers when required. Entertaining infants, keeping them warm, happy and clean at all times, and playing & estimulating him by reading, and activities appropriate for his age. Giving children lunch and snack, encouraging them to assist with household chores, reading, doing arts and crafts, going on walks, and supervising them during play. Transporting and collecting children to and from play dates and activities when required . Running errands as required. Performing other duties as required.

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